Ever wanted to fire a cat out of a cannon at a politician. Well now you can with PolitiCat. Your favourite international politicians are running around Westminster, can you hit them before they outmanoeuver you? The aim of the game is to hit the politician in the head with the cat.

Note: This game was created for educational purposes. If there are any issues with the material used to create this website please contact me and it will be changed.
Created by: Sam Younger | E-mail: sam.younger@gmail.com

Expenses Scandal

Want to become a politician? Attractive employment opportunities, competitive salaries and unbeatable expenses to top up your pay to however much you think you deserve. This is the latest in scandals from Westminster as our politicial chieftains exploit the British public purse to enhance their own interests.

Iraq's DMW's

The British prime minister Tony Blair faked the report claiming the Iraqi regime had weapons of mass destruction capable of firing cross-continent thereby threatening the developed world. Hundreds of British soldiers die as a result.

Scottish Independence?

The Scottish National Party have launched a referendum capaign to break up the United Kingdom. Can they be stopped?

Cash for Peers

Our venerable UK politicians have been offering peers to those offering the largest donations, whether private or public. What is this world coming to, corrupt politicians? Who would have thought!


Lord Ashcroft published a biography suggesting the British prime-minister at University put 'a private part of his anatomy' into a dead pig's mouth. This called into question the prime minister's judgement, both in his trust for Lord Ashcroft, and latterly in running the country

Let's build a wall

The US presidential hopeful candidate Donald Trump plans to build a wall to prevent immigation from Latin-America. In his victory speach nominated as the Republican candidate his followers were heard changing 'build the wall, build the wall'. Globalisation? - nah.